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Rob Santos is super dope. Like legit. Not just as a comic but also as a beige dude. 


Rob has been performing comedy since he was a kid and in 2008 he decided to move to New York City to really learn and hone his craft. While out in the city putting in the work to the best comedian he could be, his daughter (who is way more dope than he is) decided to show up and change his life for the better. 


Due to the shift of that amazing life event, in 2012, he moved back to Hartford to excel as a man as well as a stand up comedian. 


Since moving back to the Hartford area, in 2017, Rob started his Stand Up Comedy Workshop: Each One, Teach One. Where he has helped dozens and dozens of stand up comedians gain confidence and love for the art by using mindfulness. He has also used the beauty and joy of the workshop to go into schools in the Hartford and Massachusetts areas, where he has taught the same amazing principles to hundreds of children from grades 1-3. 


Rob has created a web series in the Hartford area titled Beige on Both Sides where the Hartford Courant praised it as an up and coming web show for the Hartford Area. He is now currently in the process of rebooting the show with the same fanfare as it had previously. 


Rob has also developed the web talk show “Toilet Time” on youtube and Facebook where he interviews stand up comedians and musical guests in his bathroom. The show was also in development for a pilot in the Hartford area. 


Other accomplishments that Rob has thus far are being the winner of season 3 of Comic’s Watching Comics on Amazon Prime, the amazing success of his comedy/music concert show Rob’s Speak-Easy, being a regular comic at some of New York’s best comedy clubs, being on various Sirius XM radio shows, but most importantly he’s been a mentor to many comics and performers in CT and MA. But his most important accolade is being the father of an amazing 8-year-old little girl. 


Again, Rob Santos is pretty dope! 

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