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Based on the life of creator Rob Santos, BEIGE is a story of the intersection of race, mental health, and sense of self. As a Beige man trying to be a Black man in a white man’s world, and a mental health patient on top of it, Rob steps into a world that he doesn’t understand, and that doesn’t understand him.

He wants a “new” life with his new mentality, but his old behaviors must change, and he must prove to his family he’s changed.

BEIGE is a retelling of not just Rob's story. Content and concepts are stolen from BIPOC creators and bastardized in the entertainment industry with great regularity -- a prime example of the White Savior complex, racism, and white privilege. The team behind BEIGE intends to tell this story the way is was always meant to be.

We are currently in post-production!

We wrapped up reshoots in late April 2022 and are currently in post-production. We are poised to have a showcase in the Fall 2023! Stay tuned for that info!


In the meantime, check out this sneak peek and some behind the scenes shots! 

Rob Comes Home

Rob Comes Home

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